The Reference Manager Web Publisher includes features and a built-in Web server to quickly publish up to 15 RM databases to an intranet or the World Wide Web with a few simple clicks. With this, you can easily share research and bibliographic information with colleagues and students through a remote connection.

    Reference Manager Web Publisher

Publish Reference Databases.
Using Reference Manager, share reference databases with colleagues through a Reference Manager Web Publisher Intranet or Internet site. With Reference Manager's user-friendly web publishing tool, built-in Web Server, and site template, you can quickly publish and update reference databases. And control the integrity of published databases with:

* Read Only or Read/Write permission
* Full or limited field availability
* Full or limited linked file availability
* Publish original database files or copies.

Reduce Administration.
Anyone with access to your Reference Manager Web Publisher site can:

* Search your databases
* Create custom reference lists
* Export reference lists in the output style and file format of their choosing
* Add, edit or delete references (Read/Write Permission Only)

About Reference Manager.
Reference Manager, a reference database management application, specializes in storing, managing, and searching for bibliographic references in reference databases. Reference Manager also provides easy to use tools to publish databases to an Intranet or Internet site.
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